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Apr 26, 2021

Have you ever felt like your life has completely blasted past all of your comfortable margins? If you’ve experienced burnout, then I’m guessing the answer to that is yes. Dr. Marion McCrary views building in margin as one of the pillars of combating burnout. Listen as she shares her story and why margin has become one of her favorite words.


Dr. McCrary found herself facing burnout as she took on more and more at work. She was passionate about so many things, but quickly realized that all of the white space that she loved was completely gone. That’s when she took a hard look at her priorities. 


After taking a sabbatical year in 2020 and fully diving into the coaching space, she decided it was time to start adding things back in. Her process for doing that is truly fantastic! Don’t miss out on her explanation. 


Also, if you find yourself pushing up against the clear margins that you’ve set for yourself, it’s time to do a quick check on your priorities… 2.0. Listen in to learn more and if you love what Dr. McCrary is sharing, peruse the links below to follow her and bask in her space in the world.


“I like the white space on the edge of the paper… I love having that room to not have everything scheduled back to back to back to back.” Dr. Marion McCrary

In this episode:

[02:07] Welcome Dr. Marion McCrary and hear the magic she’s putting into the world. 

[03:17] Learn how we met. 

[05:36] What margin means to Dr. McCrary and why she picked it. 

[09:10] Once you burn out, you’ll probably always have the propensity to go back there. 

[10:29] A return to burnout is not a relapse. Learn why relapse is priorities 2.0. 

[13:44] Does she help her clients reset in any particular way? 

[17:44] Connect with Marion.

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