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Feb 12, 2024

Welcome to the Doctor Me First Reboot Showcase where we are spotlighting the amazing podcasts and podcasters who have interviewed ME. Over the next several months we will be sprinkling in interviews I’ve done on other shows to highlight other amazing podcasts. This episode is from The Productive Woman Podcast.

Today I’m excited to launch our new-for-2021 Productive Living series. As I mentioned in last week’s episode, this’ll be a recurring series in which I talk with women with special expertise or insight or experience in various areas that are important to us as women wanting to make a life that matters. We’ll talk about topics relevant to health, relationships, money, mindset and self-care, homemaking and home management, and creativity and fun. This week we’ll be looking at the other topical area: career, as I share with you my conversation with physician and life coach Errin Weisman. 

As a female physician who almost gave up medicine, Errin found herself in the pit of burnout in 2014. From the outside, it seemed like she had it all–a successful career, children, a new home–but internally she was numb. And she was ready to do whatever it took to feel better. She thought she had done everything right, so why did she feel so bad? She wondered if something was wrong with her. As she began her journey to wellness, she realized she wasn’t the only one feeling this way and decided she wanted to help others.


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