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Mar 7, 2022

Welcome back Dr. Kristi Angevine! We realized as we were talking BEFORE we hit record that it has been since before the pandemic that we talked. It was amazing to catch up and see how her business has shifted as she’s grown into her entrepreneurial journey. Listen in as we talk all about habits. 

Last time Dr. Kristi was on her business focused on habits surrounding alcohol use as a coping and relaxation method. As she spoke with her clients and dug deeper into why they turned to alcohol, she realized booze wasn’t the problem. Habits as a whole were. 

She now works with her clients on harnessing the habits they’ve cultivated their whole lives around perfectionism, work product, and more and changing them into strengths. 

Just a reminder, we are doing the best we can at this moment, and that’s enough. Each day we grow and learn and open our eyes just a little bit more. Listen as Dr. Kristi shares her knowledge and wisdom and if you have some habits you’d like to break, take a minute and check out her podcast!

“It is the absolute best you could possibly do with what you know, with who you are, with where you are and it’s enough.” Dr. Kristi Angevine


In this episode:

[01:55] Welcome to the show, Dr. Kristi Angevine!

[02:45] She shares her background and the magic she is putting in the world.

[04:35] She discusses why she took her coaching from alcohol to numb to habits in general.

[07:38] Dr. Kristi talks about posting only what feels good on social media.

[09:19] Listen as she speaks about why she chose the word habits.

[12:06] I share how far I’ve come in my self-compassion journey.

[14:31] “We are doing the best we can at this moment and it’s enough.”

[16:36] Looking back at ourselves unfavorably is a habit that is hard to break.

[20:23] She shares about her new podcast Habits On Purpose.

[21:20] Thank you for being on the show!


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