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Jan 24, 2022

I am not the quit coach. I am not the stay coach. I’m the coach who is going to help you figure out the best next move for you! Career change is an important topic and it has been our theme for this first part of the year. Listen in as I share my thoughts and advice for when to consider a career change. 

Recently an awesome listener wrote in asking about just this topic. She was in a toxic work environment and then changed jobs and six months in, she’s right back to feeling like she made the wrong choice. 

Her question and situation got me thinking about career change in a whole new way. What is really behind our need to change our career situation? 

Let’s rip off the bandaid and name the elephant in the room. The biggest factor in deciding whether or not to change careers is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the known. Fear of insecurity. Fear of loss. Heck fear of change. 

Here’s the deal. Fear exists to tell you something. It’s trying to get you to look at situations in a different way. Instead of locking the fear monster in the closet, it’s time to sit down and chat with your fear. 

Hit some buttons there? Listen in to hear all of my thoughts about fear and the logical levels of change. A new structure to process changes as created by Robert Dilts.

In the middle of it? If you reached the “not this phase” it’s time to ask yourself, “then what?” If you can’t stay where you’re at right now, then you need to investigate what you would do instead. 

“A diagnosis is a suggestion, a hypothesis, in the ‘then what’ stage.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:32] Got some listener love and a question to share.

[02:53] I share some thoughts for the listener.

[06:54] The first thing you should face when thinking of making changes is fear.

[09:30] Ask yourself if you have gotten yourself to the “then what” phase.

[12:07] Think about who you have around you that you can talk to.

[15:55] Learn about the logical levels of change. The bottom level is your environment.

[16:17] Behavior is the next layer.

[16:32] Capability or competency is the third layer.

[16:55] The fourth layer is values and beliefs.

[17:16] Identity is the next level.

[17:24] The top level is purpose or spirit.

[18:38] Remember you are not doing anything wrong by considering a change.

[19:42] YOU get to choose.


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Dilts’ Logical Levels


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