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Dec 13, 2021

I love it when I get to catch up with my wonderful doctor friends. Dr. Tracey O’Connell joins me to chat about all the things that have changed and shifted for her since our last discussion on episode 105. Tune in as we catch up!

When you’re in medical culture, you don’t believe there is any other way. It’s a trap! You have the autonomy to speak up for yourself out of fierce self-compassion. Don’t believe the myths that those in power in your organization keep perpetuating. 

Dr. Tracy has now left practice and has struck out into the world of personal development and coaching. After years of donning the white coat in radiology, she realized that her needs were not being served. 

Listen as we talk about everything from Tracey’s recent past, why we need better boundaries, and ways the medical field still needs to change. Go out and gain a new perspective! Then take that perspective back to your practice! 

We are huge proponents of giving yourself the gift of self-compassion. This episode is seriously a masterclass on how to approach finding balance and love for yourself and your work!

“Those things on a fundamental and emotional level that are traumatizing and shaming, they shape us in a way that haunts us.” Dr. Tracey O’Connell


In this episode: 

[01:33] Welcome to the show, Dr. Tracey O’Connell!

[01:52] She shares who she is and what she is doing now.

[03:34] Listen as she discusses what has happened in her life since her first time on the show.

[08:54] She believes that connecting with Errin in the beginning spurred her on her journey to fierce self-compassion.

[10:53] I share an example of how fierce self-compassion manifests in me protecting my son.

[13:35] Tracey talks about myths that we all buy into.

[16:30] She discusses times when she has shown fierce self-compassion.

[20:29] She shares how she found a journal and saw her younger self and how nothing had changed over the years.

[25:02] She talks about being labeled not a team player because she stood up for herself.

[28:19] Tracey says that if we don’t set boundaries, you don’t know what is and isn’t okay for you.

[31:13] I share an Instagram post I saw recently.

[35:01] She discusses how she decided working in her former practice wasn’t right for her.

[39:24] Find out where you can hang out with Tracey.

[40:04] Thank you for being on the show!


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