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Sep 6, 2021

One of the most important things in life is community. Taking a time out with important people and experiencing nature and the world is simply life giving. Listen as Dr. Dena George and I chat about our Taos Adventure and share our reflections from the trail. 


On one of our last days in Taos, we decided to go on an amazing hike. We’d planned to do a fairly short trail but we found out that the trail led into several others making a loop. We ended up hiking nine miles and changing elevation by over 2000 feet. 


It wasn’t easy. As we were hiking we both had times that we wanted to quit. We had to push and encourage each other to keep going and as we did this, we began reflecting on the hike and our trip. 


We both decided we need to celebrate the milestones in life, even when we don’t realize they’re milestones. We also both realized that people do have your back. Use your support system to help you make it through hard times. 


No matter your age, physical condition, or belief, we all walk the same steps. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest, you just have to keep walking. 


Listen in to hear all of our reflections. Maybe it’s time for you to take your own adventure. Just don’t forget the most important part, an amazing friend or partner to experience it with.`


“It’s not judging the speed and not judging the size of the step. Forward is forward, a step is a step.” Dr. Dena George


In this episode:

[02:10] Welcome to our reflections of our trip to Taos.

[03:51] Dena shares about the critter they met the first night in their VRBO rental.

[05:42] They discuss the 9 mile capstone hike they did and the reflections they had along the way.

[07:30] Errin shares her first reflection from the hike.

[10:09] They speak about the gate in the middle of nowhere.

[10:39] Dena’s reflection is to celebrate the gate.

[11:38] Another reflection is sometimes you hit milestones without even knowing you did.

[13:28] Dena shares a parallel between water and high achieving professionals.

[16:21] People have your back, use that support system was another reflection.

[18:33] They saw an outstanding clearing because they took the time to pause.

[20:41] We all walk the same steps no matter your age or physical condition.

[23:12] Do the things you’ve been craving in your life.

[24:43] Dena shares a final reflection.

[25:26] Hope you enjoyed our reflections from Taos.


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