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Apr 19, 2021

It’s time for physicians, specifically women physicians, to stop silo-ing themselves. We need to come together and unify, especially in these times. Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith is a pediatrician turned magazine editor and she’s on a mission to bring physicians unity through conversation, action, and advocacy.


While it seems like physicians are no longer valued by the hospitals and institutions they work for, there are a few out there who still care. It’s true that in times past physicians have taken advantage of the perks of the job, but regardless we still deserve recognition. 


So much of what Dr. Wust-Smith has seen in her career, has been a diminishing of the physician’s role, but when it comes down to it, we are still the most knowledgeable in the room. That by itself deserves a modicum of respect and recognition, while not lessening the role of everyone in the institution.


There are places that are out there that doctors still get excited about going to work. Dr. Wust-Smith shares the differences between toxic institutions and healthy institutions. It starts with us. We are all a part of a for profit system and we need to get back to a pure place.


This was such a refreshing conversation. I love what Dr. Marlene is doing in the world and that she’s helping young people in the process. We do need to find unity as physicians and we need to stop the toxic culture that has built over decades. Listen in to learn more.


“I love learning from differences and being unified on things we can be unified and respecting one another where we disagree.” Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith

In this episode:

[02:14] Welcome to the show, Dr. Wust-Smith!

[02:57] Her background and the magic she puts out in the world.

[05:53] Listen as Dr. Wust-Smith discusses why she chose the words Physicians Unity.

[09:37] Going from a well paid job into being a magazine editor and traveling as a locum pediatrician.

[13:44] The differences she sees from exceptional facilities versus toxic environments.

[17:49] She talks about listening to a previous Doctor Me First podcast where Errin was discussing putting rocks in a bucket.

[20:10] The importance of children reading actual books, they need tactile stimulation and turn pages on a book.

[22:35] Sign up for a subscription for the Physician's Outlook Magazine and find out how you can advertise in it.

[25:55] Thank you for being on the show!

[28:11] Now here is our kick of encouragement.

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