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Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever felt as if your worth is solely equated by your achievements? That you’re only as good as the work you do and the people you help? You’re not the only one. Most physicians feel that way, but that feeling is not the truth. Jessie Wei joins me to chat about what it means to remember who you are, not what you’ve done. 


Jessie is a former OB-Gyn who has spent her career helping women to bring life into this world. Her focus and dedication made her the number one person to call in life threatening emergencies, but what it was doing to her mental health was terrible. 


After battling severe depression and anxiety and realizing that medications were simply making her symptoms worse, she started to research what it means to be healthy. She is now registered as a Functional Medicine doctor and is helping others find the root cause of their health issues. 


Listen as she shares her story and why changing her mindset of worth from achievement to simply being here has changed her life. You are not worthy because of any external action, you are worthy because you are here. 


If you’re ready to Be Happy Now, then join us at this month’s Masterclass and learn all the things about boundaries. Also check out Jessie’s new book that’s releasing this winter, Physician Care For Thyself Pre-Order.


“Jessie Wei is worthy just because Jessie Wei is Jessie Wei, not because she is useful, not because she is a physician, not because she is a mother, but because she is a human being like everyone else.” Dr. Jessica Wei


In this episode:

[02:32] Welcome to the show, Dr. Jessica Wei!

[02:43] Dr. Wei shares her background and what she is doing in her life.

[06:58] Listen as Dr. Wei shares why she picked the phrase, remembering who we are.

[09:42] Dr. Wei discusses the journey she took to find herself and why she had to leave her conventional practice.

[15:07] When we forget who we are, we try to control our external circumstances all the time.

[18:31] Listen as Dr. Wei shares what she would say to someone who tells her they don’t know who they are and how to find themselves.

[22:00] Dr. Wei speaks about the experience of sharing her life in her book, Physician Care For Thyself.

[26:11] Thank you for being on the show!

[26:51] Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


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