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Aug 24, 2020

The friends you make in medical school are friends for life. Very few people know what that experience entails. For doctors Jill Wener and Marjorie Stiegler their friendship has solidified into a business partnership as well.

Both of them were bitten early on with the entrepreneurial bug and wanted to create more out of the careers that they were focused on. They were still fulfilled but they knew there was more to be done. They put together TransforMD after experiencing different life events that made them pause and re-evaluate their life path.

TransforMD is a community built for women physicians who love their practice but know that the traditional path is not for them. They host retreats and conferences showcasing non-traditional paths that women in medicine can take with their careers. Both Jill and Marjorie have hearts for service and want to impact so many others. This is their way of doing that.

It all comes back to their “why.” They want to spread the message that your unique gifts are what elevate your work and your message. You just have to find them. But you don’t have to do it alone. We are all in the same boat, we just have different roles to play in elevating women physicians across the globe.

Listen as we talk about life, love, and our passion for helping others. What dreams have you placed on the back burner? Now’s the time to bring them forward.


In this episode:

[01:38] Welcome to the show, Dr. Wener & Dr. Stiegler!

[01:59] Dr. Wener speaks about her, and Dr. Stiegler met and what they are doing now.

[04:13] Dr. Stiegler shares her story and the changes she made.

[07:13] The Drs. share what they are doing now, individually and professionally.

[13:30] Dr. Wener discusses the TransforMD program.

[15:22] Dr. Stiegler speaks about finding their “why” with TransforMD.

[19:23] They talk about the voice in your brain that keeps you from doing something different.

[23:15] Dr. Wener speaks about the virtual events they are doing this year.

[25:04] Dr. Stiegler shares some final thoughts about medical personnel.

[26:48] Listen as Errin shares her kick of encouragement.


“There was a completely different model of success to be had that I just didn’t realize that I had the power of control to do for myself.” Dr. Marjorie Stiegler


“COVID is hard right now because I think people are afraid to dream.” Dr. Jill Wener


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