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Aug 10, 2020

The course is live and ready for purchase! You may be wondering why I decided to join the ranks of hundreds and thousands of other course creators by creating my own course. Well, I’ve had several people ask for it!

What do you do when someone isn’t ready to work with you 1:1 and make dramatic changes in their lives? You build a course so that they can start making small changes, right now, rather than wait for the “perfect” moment.

PLUS - we just found out that the course has been accredited! Why wouldn’t you want some badass CME credits? And if your facility has a CME stipend, you can use it toward this course. Amazing right? (I didn’t even have to change the name!)

Also for this first beta launch, I’m sending out Badass gift boxes! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen some of the items, but I cannot wait to start sending these out!

Listen in to learn more about the course, the Patreon group, and all the things on the horizon for Doctor Me First. If you’re ready to go from Burntout to Badass right now, click here to sign up now!


In this episode:

[01:33] Errin shares the mind chatter she had around while building her course Burntout to Badass.

[02:47] The course is LIVE and it’s beautiful!

[03:16] Is this course is for you?

[04:05] It’s accredited by the AAFP! Take the course and snag some CME hours.

[06:06] The first part of the course is in a group.

[06:31] If you sign up for the course, you get a special gift from Errin.

[07:27] You know the course is for you if you can read through and check all the boxes.

[08:30] Errin chats about what you will get in each module.

[09:19] She shares what you will learn in each module.

[10:26] Join the Patreon group and grab your chance to win the course!

[11:36] Errin shares some encouragement for you today.

[12:23] Thank you for listening to the show!


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