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Aug 10, 2020

Your ability to feel compassion for yourself is imperative. Why? Because no one else is meant to take care of you but… YOU! If you don’t have compassion for yourself, who else will? Dr. Nerissa Bauer is here to chat about burnout and how to circumvent this horrible fate.

You have to love yourself enough to let other people help you. Period. The only way to grow and thrive in any business is to understand what you can and can’t do and then to delegate those can’ts.

We are in this age of Covid so we really have to pick and choose what we minted to be passionate about and first and foremost we need to be passionate about self-compassion. Give yourself the grace to succeed or fail during this time. So many of us are working at home with children while trying to support patients. You need to give yourself grace.

Depending on your child’s age, they may have every right to help you make decisions within the family. Stop taking everything on your shoulders. Let your children help make decisions and establish themselves as change-makers (with supervision.)

We are all working on this new dynamic. Don’t succumb to the negative thoughts that tell you, you aren’t enough. You are… you just need to give yourself permission to practice self-compassion.

“Show yourself grace because life is a work in progress.” Dr. Nerissa Bauer


In this episode:

[01:18] Welcome to the show, Dr. Bauer!

[02:10] Dr. Bauer shares a little about her background and practice.

[05:30] Errin had an “aha” moment.

[07:43] Dr. Bauer believes that you need to forgive yourself and realize you are not a failure when you decide to walk away from a job you are not happy with anymore.

[09:22] Dr. Bauer speaks about parenting challenges and how messy real life is.

[11:03] Listen as Errin discusses being in an environment of people who practice self compassion.

[12:40] Dr. Bauer believes that with COVID materialistic things aren’t nearly as important as health and connection with people.

[15:37] Errin speaks about how difficult it is to keep the connection with people when you aren’t able to be with them.

[17:38] Dr. Bauer’s biggest fear when she left academia was getting burned out again.

[20:20] Errin believes that if people ask themselves what they are feeling, why and what can I do about it, burnout would probably not be as prevalent.

[21:18] Dr. Bauer discusses her blog, her family friendly handouts and jump start kits.

[25:23] Dr. Bauer believes you should get your child’s input in decisions and changes.

[25:48] Errin gives a kick of encouragement.

[30:08] Thank you for listening to the show!


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