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Apr 27, 2020

Around this time every year, I lead the Women in the Wild retreat, a full weekend of hiking, meditation and connection for women who are usually taking care of everyone but themselves. Since the future is unknown and we all need more outside time, I sprinkle you today with some Wild Woman wisdom from past retreats!

Grounding exercise few deep breaths then repeat while filling in the blanks: 

"I'm this moment, I feel ____ and that is ok." DEEP BREATH  
"In this moment, even though I feel _____, I honor my feelings." DEEP BREATH
"In this moment that I'm feeling ____, I deeply and completely honor my feelings."  DEEP BREATH
"In this moment when I'm feeling ____ I can also feel ________ because I am a human who experiences a spectrum of emotions." DEEP BREATH
"In this moment, I am feeling _____ and _____ and I am ok."  DEEP BREATH

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