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Nov 14, 2022

So many of us wear busyness as a badge of honor without realizing how damaging it can be to be as busy as we are. When we constantly rush through life, cramming in as much as we possibly can to be “successful,” we miss what it really means to be successful and how we might be leading ourselves right down the road to burnout and failure. 

So how do we stop it? What’s the secret?

Setting firm boundaries for the world around you is always one step to cutting down on how busy you are, but a far more difficult step is setting firm boundaries for yourself. Staying present with your thoughts and taking the time to be still and look inward is one hell of a task if you’re used to keeping your mind spun up. 

I got the fantastic opportunity to talk with Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay this week and she sheds so much light and wisdom on what it means to find your calm and be still with your thoughts to bring yourself the peace you’ve been longing for. 

Listen in as she shares some beautiful insight into blocking off white space for yourself and sticking with it. If you’re feeling like you’ve been running yourself ragged for years, this episode will speak to your weary soul and give you the permission you’ve been looking for to put yourself first. 

“If you’re going to be too busy, be busy with something that you love.” Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay 

In this episode:

[01:42] Welcome back to the Show, Dr. Alley-Hay!

[02:13] What is Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay up to these days?

[03:59] Dr. Alley Hay’s history of being busy. 

[06:11] What can busyness look like?

[06:50] The definition of white space.

[08:06] Starting small with white space is the key to being successful with it. 

[09:27] It may take time before you feel the benefits of practicing white space. 

[11:37] Some “off the wall” white space ideas. 

[15:44] The red flags of being too busy. 

[17:42] Sitting with your own thoughts and recognizing when you need to ask for help. 

[19:03] If you’re struggling with white space, it may not be your fault. Be aware of your mental health.

[20:45] Dr. Alley-Hay’s book. 

Links and Resources

Meditations For Women Physicians Who Do Too Much by Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay

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