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Oct 3, 2022

On the road to becoming a doctor, we spend hours and hours studying and learning all the things books tell us we need to know. But, even though we bury ourselves in knowledge, there are some things that aren’t discussed in the textbooks.

What we learn about women’s health in medical school leaves out the struggles women face in their health journey while navigating a career. You know, those little things like being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding all while holding down a job? You won’t find that in your textbook index.

In my talk with Dr. Erika, she discusses how empathy changed how she practices medicine and how approaching the difficulties that women face with compassion can change the way we practice medicine.

The difficulty of being a woman is not only limited to patients but extends to the doctors in med school as well. Even though women make up the majority of medical school students, there is a lack of space for the responsibilities that women face.

The focus needs to shift in the face of new medical students who are told they need to delay parenthood to achieve residency in prestigious programs. Success doesn’t have to be limited to parenting or a career, you can have both. It’s about what makes you happy. 

Ultimately, It all comes back to taking care of yourself. We have to find our passions and hold on to them through our journey with medicine to avoid burning out. The happiness and energy level of doctors impact every single patient we see and our mental and physical health have to come first before we can care for anyone else. 

“What I’m trying to bring to the scene is positivity in medicine, cheerfulness in medicine but also raising the voices of women who need to be celebrated.” Dr. Erika Aragona

In this episode:

[02:12] Welcome to the show, Dr. Aragona!

[03:04] She shares her background and what she is passionate about.

[06:06] She believes that women need to see other women succeed and stand up so they know what’s possible.

[08:10] They talk about the bias women face in medical school.

[12:37] Going home happy and healthy from work is a definition of success.

[15:01] Women physicians want to know that they are being heard and be happy.

[16:03] “A happy doctor is a productive doctor.”

[17:59] She talks about why starting the conversation is so important.

[21:13] She shares what she believes you need to do to come from a empowered place.

[23:42] “We are here to live!”

[24:52] Find out where to connect with Dr. Erika

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