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May 23, 2022

Networking can, and often does, lead to some amazing things. Dr. Jeff Cohn is back to share how an unlikely relationship has blossomed into an amazing movement. Listen in to hear how he’s making waves with a new app designed to help you lean into gratitude while monitoring your vulnerability, and how this practice impacts your mental health. 

Dr. Jeff met his business partner, professor Jeff, when they both attended an academic conference. They had some amazing conversations then and though a natural working partnership didn’t reveal itself then, they both agreed to stay in touch, just in case. 

Then Covid happened and physician mental health became a pressing topic. Dr. Jeff and Professor Jeff came back together to create an app specifically designed to help health care professionals acknowledge their feelings, prevent burnout, and create a more humane workplace environment.

I’ve been using it for a while now and I have to say, I’m loving it. It really does help you tap into what you’re feeling, where it’s coming from, and how your feelings are impacting your environment.

Listen in to hear all about the app, how it was developed, why they’ve developed it, and what they hope to accomplish in the coming months and years. You can find the app for both Apple and Android, just check your app store!

“We developed a way of displaying how people are feeling with a color format.” Dr. Jeff Cohn


In this episode:

[01:40] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Jeff Cohn!

[02:13] He shares about a project he is involved with.

[06:30] How a few conversations transformed an idea into a movement. 

[09:36] Listen as Dr. Cohn discusses how they took an idea and made it an app.

[11:31] Why they chose vulnerability and gratitude to focus on.

[12:29] What it took to launch the app. 

[14:09] Dr. Cohn discusses some data they found after launching the app.

[16:40] What comes next? 

[19:45] I encourage all the Doctor Me First listeners to check out the Hummin’ app.


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