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May 16, 2022

Brooke Adams Law is an author, author coach, and advocate for women who are looking to write the story that is inside them. Her book “Catchlight” was named one of the best books of 2020 by Kirkus Reviews. Listen as she shares her story and why she’s passionate about helping others find their voice. 

She started off as a copywriter and even helped me write the Doctor Me First workbook and the copy on the website. It wasn’t long before she realized however that her love of writing went beyond copy. 

Now she’s not only an author but also a coach and owns a hybrid publishing company all geared toward helping others navigate the process of writing, marketing, and selling their books. 

Brooke has been there. She’s been in the shoes of the person who is trying desperately to get the story in their head onto paper. There were a few key things she did to help her get past those moments and keep pushing toward her end goal. 

Listen as she talks about how long it took her to finish and then publish “Catchlight,” why traditional publishing may not be for you, and the time commitment it really takes to write a book. This was an amazing conversation and if you’re looking to write a book, reach out to Brooke! She won’t steer you wrong. 

“I believe that the desire to write is a calling to write.” Brooke Adams Law


In this episode:

[01:12] Welcome to the show, Brooke!

[01:32] She shares her background and what she does.

[03:36] Listen as Brooke discusses the writing process and the desire to write a book.

[06:10] She speaks about the realistic way to find peace to write in.

[08:37] She believes that you can write anything you want, even fiction.

[12:52] She talks about consistency over urgency in writing.

[17:05] Brooke discusses the messy middle when writing a book.

[22:15] She shares the different ways a book can be published.

[27:46] She speaks about her course The Secrets of Storytelling.

[29:38] Life is going to happen, so it’s ok to modify your writing time.

[31:59] Find out where to connect with Brooke.

[32:21] Thank you for being on the show!


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