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Feb 21, 2022

You ever need a butt slap or some encouragement when you’re down? I mean honestly, we all do. Which is why I love my little one liners when you need a pick-me-up. Listen in as I share the favorites from the original OBs and my list for this year. 

So like I said, last year I went to the original badasses and asked them which of my sayings were their favorite. It was all about the Errin Sass, but in so many cases, they’re the things we need to hear day in and day out. 

  1. No is a complete sentence.
  2. Let them be mad. 
  3. I define my labels and I can change them whatever I want. 
  4. Enoughness comes from within.
    6. It can be easy. 
  5. Don't ask for permission. I already have it.
  6. Not all my thoughts are truth. 
  7. If it feels personal, it's not personal. 
  8. There are no rules. 
  9. I do what I want.

But this was last year’s list. Listen in to hear how I’m updating it for this year. You’ll notice some common themes but I definitely added in a few new goodies. 

Which one are you writing on a sticky note to keep near you at all times? 

“Work is my drug, so rest is my detox.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:08] We are discussing last year's quick one-liners and I’ve added on a few new ones.

[01:57] Listen as I share last year's quick 10 Errin sass sayings.

[02:59] Here is the new and improved 2022 edition.

[04:01] “It’s okay to be flexible and to bend a little bit.”

[04:27] Thank you for listening!


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