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Dec 20, 2021

This year has been a little amazing, a little shitty, and a whole lot of learning to lean into what makes me happy and fulfilled. This is the last episode of 2021 and I’m sharing this year’s celebrations, changes, and how I’m planning to come back better. 

Of course we’re starting everything off with celebrations! There were so many things that happened this year to celebrate but I just picked a few. Number one, I realized that you all want to hear more about student loan debt and finances. 

The number one listened to episode for Doctor Me First was the episode I did WAY back in January all about student loan debt. The most listened to episode for my Burntout to Badass Podcast was the wrap episode. 

That leads me to the next thing I’m celebrating, I did it! I was really excited to create and publish this new podcast and I’m pumped for season two! Link is down below if you haven’t listened yet. 

Also, the Burntout to Badass Course was a cause of massive celebration. I thought this course up way back in the beginning of 2020 and we’ve since had 5 live rounds and helped so many amazing physicians build back after burnout. 

Listen in to hear all about my changes this year and most importantly, what we’re planning for next year. Happy holidays! See you in the new year. 

“I think it goes to show that our children really do see the lessons that we are living rather than the ones we actively speak about.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:43] This is the last episode of the 2021!

[01:50] I share some celebrations with you from the past year.

[04:13] I talk about some changes that have happened in my life in 2021.

[05:16] Let’s discuss some things coming up in 2022.

[06:47] Thank you for listening and taking this journey with me.


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