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Dec 20, 2021

Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and chat about your experiences without really having to deep dive into them and find solutions. Sharing your story is just as powerful as healing from your past. Listen as Dr. Matthea Rentea and I sit down for another Badass Spotlight!

Dr. Matthea is a mom and a physician who found herself facing down the dark pit of burnout and didn’t like who she was becoming. Much like me she fell deep into the victim/villain mentality and the people she loved most were suffering. 

Since joining the Burntout to Badass program however, things have shifted. She’s not feeling the well of depression rise up any longer and instead sees the world in a positive light again. 

But it’s taken time to get there. 

We’re chatting all about being in community and finding your people and why it’s so important for healing and growth. What we both found was that it wasn’t the people nearest and dearest to us in the local community who helped us most. Instead it was this amazing online community that moved the needle. 

Listen in to hear all about Dr. Matthea, her experiences, and what she’s planning to do now that she’s found her second-year-resident magic again!

“We don’t even know there are options. We just think we need to stay where we are at or that nothing can get better.” Dr. Matthea Rentea


In this episode: 

[01:26] Welcome to the show, Dr. Matthea Rentea!

[01:47] She shares about herself and how life is treating her now.

[04:36] “Moms eat efficiency for breakfast.”

[07:58] I talk about women in the online community who showed up for me, not the people who were close to me physically.

[08:48] She discusses how it’s been jumping into the online community.

[10:22] “I do this work from a place of never wanting another person to feel as lonely as I did during burnout.”

[11:20] She talks about what she had to do when she was on the edge of burnout.

[14:15] I share how I’ve always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

[16:42] “There is learned victimhood in medicine.”

[19:17] Matthea says that if she isn’t taking care of herself, her children become the villains.

[22:03] Instagram is the best place to hang out with Matthea.

[22:23] Thank you for being on the show!


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