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Sep 20, 2021

Satisfaction isn’t always what we find when we follow our dreams. We grow, evolve, and change with every day that we’re on this Earth, and we’re allowed to change our minds. Dr. Jattu Senesie realized that she wasn’t happy in clinical medicine and found her own satisfaction by helping professionals in a way that better fit her life. 


Dr. Senesie went to school to become an OB-Gyn. She practiced for a time but she didn’t feel as if she’d found the right fit. Her soul was floundering but she knew she needed to be of service and to help people.


She later became a certified success coach and now helps busy professionals put their lives, dreams, and aspirations under new lenses to find the right path. Our perspectives are not the only ones to go off of. Experiment, change, learn, repeat!


Listen as we chat about accountability and being brave enough to fail. As coaches we provide supportive accountability and we help people find satisfaction in their lives and careers. This was an amazing conversation that you won’t want to miss if you’ve been feeling less than well.


Satisfaction is not success. Success does not bring satisfaction. Find your priorities and you’ll find satisfaction in your life.

“A bad example is still an example.” Dr. Jattu Senesie


In this episode:

[02:21] Welcome to the show, Dr. Jattu Senesie!

[02:32] She shares her background and the magic she is putting out in the world.

[04:30] She talks about the way she backdoor'd her way into coaching.

[07:12] I share how ass-backward I am and what I felt like in the middle of my burnout.

[09:47] “We can’t expect to do something once and then become an expert at it.”

[11:11] Listen as Dr. Jattu shares why she chose the word satisfaction.

[15:13] She discusses the tools she uses with her clients.

[19:22] She shares where you can find her Complimentary Clarity Conversation form.

[21:06] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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