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May 31, 2021

Dad’s need to talk things out too. This past year hasn’t been tough just on us moms. When I found out about Dr. Jeremy Toffle and his Imperfect Dad MD podcast, I knew I had to have him on. He’s having conversations with other physician dads chatting about their experiences being both dads and physicians. 


Dr. Toffle’s father was a physician as well. He remembers not seeing his dad much because he was constantly working. These days there has definitely been a switch flipped in the roles between moms and dads and he thinks it’s a good thing.


Prior to the pandemic, he felt like he was doing a pretty good job at being a doctor and a dad. Then the kids were home 24/7 and he realized that there is a huge difference between being the Pinterest dad and real life. 


Listen as he shares his story, why he started his blog then podcast, and how he’s hoping to help other physician dads with his message. This was a fantastic conversation with another Doctor’s Podcast Network member and physician parent just trying to figure this thing out.


“All of a sudden you are a parent and you're not supposed to fail at this and then you do.” Dr. Jeremy Toffle

In this episode:

[02:04] Welcome to the show, Dr. Toffle!

[02:12] Dr. Toffle shares his background and the magic he brings to the world.

[05:50] Dr. Toffle talks about how more is expected of him as a parent because he is a doctor.

[07:15] Listen as Dr. Toffle discusses his podcast Imperfect Dad MD and why he started it.

[10:48] He speaks about when he started his blog, which was the impetus for his podcast.

[12:45] Dr. Toffle talks about dad burnout and how that looks in the dads he talks to.

[15:51] Male physicians aren’t as willing to talk about burnout as women physicians are.

[19:06] Dr. Toffle speaks about how he is teaching his boys that there are no girl and boy colors, toys, or tv shows.

[21:45] There are resources for dad’s so look up Dr. Toffle and another one is Dr. Blake Jones.

[24:08] Doctor Podcast Network is a great place to have community and have your questions answered.

[26:46] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[27:36] Here is your kick of encouragement.

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