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Feb 15, 2021

Dr. Susan Wilson has focused on peer support throughout her career, but when she had to quit medicine due to her own medical issues, she realized just how important it is. Listen as she shares her experience and why she’s so passionate about peer support and coaching today.


When you’re spiraling through grief and depression due to some really terrible medical news, what do you do? If you’re a doctor, having the support of your medical peers is extremely important. 


This is also the case if you’re working in high trauma departments or fields. When it comes down to it, we are on the front lines of some of the worst physically and mentally traumatic experiences that the human body and mind can and do experience. 


What does that do to us?

After having to leave practice as an emergency medical physician, Dr. Wilson wanted to continue her work in peer support. She is now a coach and provides acute support for colleagues who are experiencing traumatic events. 


She shares her views on the difference between peer support and coaching and why both are an absolute must in the healthcare field. She’s also talking about her coaching career and how it has changed since Covid. 


If you’ve ever experienced a traumatic moment in your career then you really won’t want to miss this discussion.


“The idea of peer support is more of an acute support or assistance for someone that's really needing help right now. They need something right away to buoy them through the event.” Dr. Susan Wilson


In this episode:

[03:44] Welcome to the show, Dr. Susan Wilson!

[03:56] Dr. Wilson shares her background and what she is doing now.

[05:46] She talks about the stages of grief she went through when she was told she had a medical condition that wouldn't let her keep practicing medicine.

[08:28] Listen, as Dr. Wilson shares her idea of peer support for second victim syndrome.

[11:29] Her practice has changed through the pandemic and the change in patients' needs.

[14:31] Dr. Wilson believes the system's issues need to be addressed, but in the meantime, having peer support in place is so important.

[17:20] The education piece towards organizations is critical, and having an advocate is important.

[19:02] Dr. Wilson shares her rooftop message.

[20:38] Thank you for coming on the show!

[22:46] Your kick of encouragement.



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