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Sep 7, 2020

Being a female physician comes with a slew of problems that has nothing to do with doctoring. Being a female physician of color is a whole other conversation. Dr. Shika Dooley joins me to start that conversation and I invite you to continue it.

For Dr. Dooley, and all the physicians just like her, there is not much more they can do on their own to bring awareness to their plight. They’ve had protests. They’ve kneeled. They’ve started the conversation, but as she says, it’s now up to us to carry the torch.

She founded the Thrive Together Conference for physicians and aspiring-physicians of color to have a safe space to share their stories. She encourages white physicians to join them so that they too can hear the stories and become proponents of the cause. 

This is why she chose the word Allies for this conversation. She needs other women to stand up and help carry the banner of change for them. I am happy to be her ally and I invite you to do the same. Doctor Me First is giving away 5 seats for the Thrive Together Conference.

If you’re interested in becoming an ally yourself, email me and join the conference.  


“The only way that you can know what other people are doing is by hearing their story.” Dr. Shika Dooley  


In this episode:

[02:23] Welcome to the show, Dr. Dooley!

[02:59] Dr. Dooley shares what she is passionate about.

[03:45] Listen as Dr. Dooley shares the background for forming the Thrive Together Conference.

[05:26] Why did she choose the word Allies? 

[07:03] She shares her definition of allies and what she needs them to do.

[12:55] How can white women better show up for women of color? 

[15:13] Why teaching our kids to speak respectfully creates change.

[19:07] Learn how you can better affect the residents in your hospital.

[23:09] Errin turns the table and has Dr. Dooley ask the questions.

[27:46] Dr. Dooley discusses some details about the Thrive Together Conference.

[32:26] Doctor Me First is providing Five spots to the Thrive Together Conference.

[35:28] Errin shares some final thoughts.


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