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Aug 24, 2020

Back by popular demand… Our Married to an Alpha Female episode! Craig and I sat down to chat about everything from back to school, the things he doesn’t know, what’s happening on the farm and why farmer suicide is on the rise.

I won’t lie, it was late, I was tired, and we had a fairly jumpy conversation but you’re getting a great inside look at what it means to be in the Weisman household. The kids and I have been having some awesome conversations as well and we chat all about that too.

We also got some new barstools! Yay! New furniture. Most importantly, Craig had no idea that there is a Patreon group, that we have different episodes there, that the music is different and that for some reason my book has stalled out in publication. We’ve chalked it up to us both being crazy busy working, but I think I’m liking this new segment.

Listen in for your monthly dose of what is going on behind the scenes with the Weisman’s and let us know if there are any conversations you’d prefer to have a non-doctor, male voice attached to!


In this episode:

[01:48] Welcome back to the show!

[01:56] The kids are back to school and it’s been a bit crazy.

[03:54] Suddenly realizing that I place less emphasis on my past achievements than I used to.

[07:30] Because those achievements aren’t what will matter when I get to the end.

[08:38] The boys and I had some fun conversation this week!

[09:29] New Segment: Things Craig Doesn’t Know.

[12:27] What’s happening Down On The Farm?

[20:28] There are so many parallels between our two worlds.

[22:28] Why is farmer suicide on the rise right now?

[26:16] Who are we planning to leave the farm to?

[27:29] Hear your Married to an Alpha Female tip! It’s a good one!


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Craig on Twitter: @highbanksfarmer

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