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Dec 4, 2023

I love talking about money. Not just money, but ways that you can keep your hard earned dollars right where they belong, in your pocket! Joining me for this conversation about paying less taxes is Sugey Piedra. Sugey has been a Certified Tax Preparer for more than 20 years and she now looks at building wealth in a completely different light. 

She is not a “talk once a year” tax preparer. Instead she comes alongside her clients, hears their goals, and works with them to find ways that they can achieve those goals. If you’re worried about the upcoming tax season, listen in because there is still time to make sure more of your money stays with you. 


“What we do have that sometimes a self-employed individual does not have is called purchasing power. The lenders love purchasing power.” - Sugey Piedra

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Prominence Business and Wealth Management Inc.

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