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Dec 26, 2022

Holy shit! We’ve made it to 400 episodes. I honestly cannot believe it. I started this podcast to have fun, share my story, share the stories of other physicians, and help raise a voice against the failures of the medical industry in driving so many amazing physicians toward burnout.

What I didn’t expect to find was my own healing. I didn’t realize that I’d build an amazing community of physicians who are excited to make their own stand, in their own way. I did not for one second think that this podcast would impact, in a positive way, so many physician’s lives.

So, to celebrate I thought it’d be fun to share how Doctor Me First has changed the lives of a few friends, colleagues, and even some of my team members.

It’s been a wild ride getting to episode 400. I promised myself that I’d stop podcasting when it was no longer fun, but guess what… I’m excited to keep going. I’m excited to hear more stories and share more burnout success stories.

I’m excited to keep impacting lives all over the world. So for this last episode of 2022, let’s celebrate 400 life-changing moments of Doctor Me First!

“This podcast has really helped me heal in a lot of ways” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[00:28] Welcome to episode 400 of Doctor Me First. 

[02:29] Listen as several friends, listeners, and team members share their love for the podcast. 

[08:09] Have you joined the Badass Slack Group? 

[10:08] That’s a wrap for 2022 and 400 episodes of Doctor Me First. 


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