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Nov 7, 2022

Whether a physician or not, everyone is trying to make enough money to allow financial independence from the daily grind of a full time job. But, we typically find that while we’re so involved in the grind, we are slowly burning out which can feel like such a setback from the financial goals and dreams that we’ve envisioned for ourselves. 

 Dr. Elisa Chiang found herself in this same situation as an attending physician answering calls on her vacation, heading straight for burnout town. Her dabbling in investments and real estate opened the doors for her to achieve financial independence and shift the way she was working as a physician.

With her newfound knowledge of financial literacy, she began to give back to other physicians by offering resources that could help them obtain the same financial freedom that she was experiencing. 

 Listen in as she shares all of her knowledge surrounding investments in real estate, the different options that are available in that venture, and how it can be a better option than saving for retirement with conventional methods. If you’re tired of the daily grind and you’re ready to find your way to financial freedom, you won't want to miss this episode. 

“Money is a great tool.” Dr. Elisa Chiang

In this episode:

[01:42] Welcome to the Show, Dr. Chiang!

[02:06] Dr. Elisa Chiang’s background and what she does.

[05:56] Her experience with burnout.

[08:15] How she developed a plan to be financially independent within 15 years of being a practicing physician.

[09:53] What she does to offer financial literacy to physicians and residents. 

[11:10] Adapting personal finances as a physician to ensure appropriate savings.

[15:57] The different types of real estate investments and investors.

[19:14] Some of the different ways you get paid as a real estate investor and risks associated.

[23:24] Real estate funds as passive investments. 

[25:10] The Grow Your Wealthy Mindset Podcast.

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