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Oct 10, 2022

Everyone has taken the path to shed a few pounds at some point in life and we all know how frustrating and exhausting that road can feel sometimes.

I spoke with Dr. Siobhan Key who specializes in weight management for physicians and we had a wonderful conversation about a lot of the misconceptions about weight loss. Our conversation centers around how we can conquer those misconceptions while looking damn hot and being happy and healthy - I promise you won’t want to miss it.

A big component of success in your weight loss journey is understanding that a routine that you hate isn’t going to be fruitful. Finding a routine that you enjoy is key as well as being kind to yourself while you navigate the hills and valleys that come with weight management. 

Negative self talk can be an ugly side effect the we often experience on our journey to weight loss. Sometimes tough love isn’t the way to go when you’re trying to improve yourself. You need to love yourself in the body that you’re in before you can love yourself in the body that you want.

Tune into this episode to hear about the different ways we as physicians can approach weight management with our patients and ourselves with a heart of compassion and encouragement while still remembering that we are all human and we should be treated, and treat ourselves, as such.

“I’m an adult and I’m allowed to eat whatever I want.” Dr. Siohban Key

In this episode:

[01:33] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Key!

[02:57] Sustainable change doesn’t come from hating your body or forcing a routine you hate.

[05:18] How to have conversations with your patients surrounding their weight.

[08:06] Being aware of and overcoming weight bias in your own practice as a physician.

[13:18] Helping patients develop a weight loss plan with a healthy mental approach.

[15:13] Weight management vs weight loss.

[17:26] What to do when you “go off the rails” on your journey to weight loss.

[19:45] Weight management is not just a matter of will power. 

[22:16] When you feel as though you’ve failed, it’s important to remember what has worked in the past.

[24:50] Finding true unconditional love for yourself without being perfect.

[27:59] The path to consistency is self-compassion.

[28:42] Flipping the script on the rules of weight loss.

[36:05] Diet and exercise should be about making everything in your life better, not just losing weight.

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