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Sep 26, 2022

As physicians, we are often burdened with wearing the white coat as an identity instead of just a profession. 

Yes, we are doctors, but we are so much more than that!

I had a wonderful visit with my return guest, Dr. Cherry Chen, where we discussed how doctors can be multifaceted and lean into setting themselves up for success through real estate investment.

The options that begin to open up to us once we lean into something else have offered so much freedom. For instance, the success that Dr. Cherry has experienced through the last four years of real estate investment have presented her with the option of being able to scale back to part time medicine and experience more freedom in her life. 

The beautiful thing about having investments that are putting passive income back into our lives is that we can begin to focus on our legacies and what we want to leave behind as people as opposed to just trying to survive. 

When we think about real estate investment, we often think of rental houses and maintaining our own properties and finding our own tenants. While that’s a common way to invest in real estate and generate passive income, there are options to invest passively as well. Commercial real estate is Dr. Cherry’s preferred type of investment, because you literally just put money into it and passive income comes back to you without the hands on maintenance and pressure to fill occupancy. 

By setting up a personalized strategy based upon your available time and finances and by focusing on the real estate goals that work for your time and money, you can make your money work for you and begin to open the doors to financial freedom. 


“I feel like what makes real estate interesting is that we can all intuitively understand it.” Dr. Cherry Chen

In this episode:

[1:33] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Cherry Chen!

[2:12] Who is Dr. Cherry and what is her background?

[3:00] Giving yourself space and being multifaceted as a doctor

[4:51] What are some of the options for getting involved in real estate investments

[5:59] Leaving your legacy

[6:47] Finding the best real estate strategy for you 

[8:53] Shift your thinking on your investments to keep your strategy in mind

[11:07] Dr. Cherry’s favorite type of investment property

[12:23] The empowerment to make your own investment choices

[14:12] Resources to educate yourself on real estate investment, regardless of financial status

[16:11] How much does it usually take to get started in real estate investments?

[17:22] “The most valuable currency you have is your time” 

[19:12] Connect with Dr. Cherry and learn more about real estate investment resources!

[20:34] Make your money work for you

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Doctor Me First Episode 32 - Intention and Money with Dr. Cherry Chen

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