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Sep 12, 2022

Finding the time to take a much needed break when staring burn out in the face can be a struggle that some may find themselves saying “I can’t, because-”

But, this week, I’m talking with one of my amazing colleagues, Dr. Hisla Bates, who was able to take a sabbatical even with the additional challenge of being a single parent. She shares with us what it was like being pregnant and a parent while going through residency and struggling to make ends meet.

It took Dr. Hisla several years before she was in the position to where she was able to take a sabbatical from medicine and she found the ability to do that by investing in real estate. One of her more recent projects provided her with the ability to pay off debt and relocate. 

With this newfound financial freedom, she found the ability to do locums that provided her with the ability to work on her own terms and take the time off when she wants to be present with her family. Working locums gave her the freedom to say “no” which is such a luxury when you’ve been faced with burnout for such a long period of time. 

During her breaks, Dr. Hisla was able to get back in touch with her creative side through the act of painting which helped her discover joy in her life again. By rediscovering how important art was to her she opened the door to bringing art into her practice to help others reconnect with what spawns joy for them.

As medical professionals who are constantly on the go and connected to work, it can be so difficult to take a step back and find the time that is necessary to devote to a hobby that brings you joy but it is necessary to keep your own cup full before you can fill the cup of your family or even your patients. 

By opening ourselves to opportunities, we find that we are so much more than just doctors.

“I found a lot of freedom in doing locums work and wish I had done it earlier.” Dr. Hisla Bates

In this episode:

[01:37] Welcome back to the show, Dr. Hisla Bates!

[02:31] She talks about the challenges of being pregnant and a single parent through residency.

[05:06] She discusses who she could depend on to help her and the struggle she faced with no money and an infant at home.

[06:30] Listen as she talks about getting involved with real estate and flipping houses.

[08:34] She shares her experience in working locum jobs and the freedom it gave her.

[09:50] Dr. Bates speaks about tapping into her creativity and being able to find joy again.

[12:40] She gives some advice for anyone who fears making changes.

[14:21] Find out where to connect with Dr. Hisla Bates.

[15:01] Thank you for listening!

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