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Aug 1, 2022

Student loans are no joke. Especially when the loans you have are for medical school. (I’m sure you already know that!) But for Mr. Weisman and I being debt free has always been a huge motivator. We want to get out from under this suffocating load and free up more money to invest and give.

So why did we break up with Dave Ramsey?

When we decided to get serious about our debt free journey, we were all in. We scrimped every penny, budgeted everything down to the last cent, and spent absolutely no extra money anywhere.

We didn’t eat out. We didn’t go on vacation. We didn’t even buy extra treats at the grocery store. We saved everything that we could so we could put it all toward paying down our debt.

And we burned out. It was a completely different type of burnout but it was a form of burnout nonetheless. We need to take a break. We needed to go on vacation. We needed the space to have a little breathing room and not stress about every penny we made and spent.

So we broke up with Dave Ramsey and continued our debt free journey, just in a different way. Listen in to hear the whole story and learn how we’re conquering debt these days and when we’re set to have it all paid off!

“I went into my financial life in med school with a lot of guilt and shame.” Dr. Errin Weisman
In this episode:
[02:14] Let’s talk about why I broke up with Dave Ramsey.
[03:20] I had a lot of guilt and shame when I had loans for med school.
[05:30] So much shame about wanting to take a vacation because I was struggling.
[06:21] “It’s okay to have needs now.”
[08:19] After residency we kicked student loan butt but I also hit burnout.
[10:03] Mr. Weisman convinced me that it was ok to pause the craziness and enjoy life again.
[12:23] Instead of 10 years we will actually be debt free in 13, not such a bad deal.
[12:41] Thank you for listening and stay tuned for part 2.

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