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Apr 18, 2022

Can you imagine being in the middle of med school and deciding that you’d really like to get a law degree as well? Cobin Soelberg did just that and then when he was done with law, he came back to get his medical degree and began practicing in anesthesiology. He’s now helping physicians create sustainable money plans that support their lives and dreams. 

When I met Cobin, I was drawn to his sincerity and his genuine need to help physicians with their money. I mean let’s get real, money is hard. Trusting someone with your money or to provide you with good money advice, is even harder. 

Here’s the deal, as women, and especially as women physicians, we have a lot on our plates. Learning all the ins and outs of what it means to properly gain, build, and manage our own wealth is asking too much. 

Instead we need trusted money partners who provide us with the facts and advice we need to make stellar money decisions. Cobin is one of those partners. 

Listen as he shares his story and his insights on what we as women physicians can do to grow our wealth while maintaining our sanity. It’s not always fun or easy, but what we can do with our money when it’s properly managed is truly life changing. 

What money dreams and goals do you have? 

“I really always tried to explore that curiosity and really see where it took me.” Dr. Cobin Soelberg


In this episode:

[01:59] Welcome to the show, Dr. Cobin Soelberg!

[02:08] He shares his background and what he’s doing now.

[02:59] He discusses his journey through med school and law school.

[06:07] Listen as he shares why he went into wealth management.

[10:06] He talks about how he sees the financial world through a different lens.

[13:22] Dr. Cobin speaks about what he believes women physicians should do to approach their money wisely.

[17:17] I share what I would do if I won the PowerBall Lottery.

[18:42] He says that he imagines what the world would be like if each of us were shining as brightly as we could be.

[19:49] Find out where you can connect with Cobin.

[23:27] He shares some advice for the listeners on the fence while looking at wealth management.

[24:10] Thank you for being on the show!


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Greeley Wealth Management

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