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Apr 4, 2022

When you think of the word “therapy” how do you feel? For so many people therapy has a negative connotation. As if by admitting you need or want therapy, you’re somehow deficient. Let’s put all that to rest and get you some therapy with Sarah Jenkins Ph.D.

One of Sarah’s best friends was in medical school while she was getting her degree and introduced her to her now husband. Then when she and her husband moved to Indiana for his residency and her Ph.D. program, she found herself working specifically with physicians. 

She has since been working with mostly physicians to help provide tools and processes to deal with burnout, depression, and more. As she says, so often we as physicians are unwilling to seek help, but when you apply preventative measures, life is so much better. 

I am a huge advocate for therapy and therapists. I think that there is room in the world for both coaching and therapy and my life is so much better now that I too see a therapist. 

Listen in to hear why therapy is an effective strategy for living a healthy life and why physicians need to start seeing a therapist asap. We also chat about how things are changing for up and coming residents and doctors, in a good way!

“I think therapy is an effective strategy for living a healthy life.” Dr. Sarah Jenkins 


In this episode:

[02:01] Welcome to the show, Sarah!

[02:12] She shares her background and who she works with.

[03:52] She talks about the changes she’s seen since she started in the profession.

[04:46] Listen as Sarah discusses why she chose the topic of today’s episode.

[06:53] She speaks about the push backs she hears from people.

[08:12] Sarah believes that physicians don’t get therapy when they need it because of pride and perfectionism.

[10:44] Being exceptional is a barrier when it becomes rigid with everything in life.

[12:54] She discusses how she works and the model she uses.

[16:18] Sarah talks about how she conceptually thinks about burnout.

[21:00] As of July 1 she will be able to do Telehealth in other states.

[21:30] Find her contact information.

[22:54] She shares how she provides privacy for her clients.

[24:44] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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