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Feb 28, 2022

The mean girl in your head needs to take a time out! I know I’ve talked about her before, but this time I want to talk about one thing in particular. You are NOT lazy! This is how to stop saying it to yourself!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been mean to myself plenty of times in order to find the motivation to do something. The problem is, that being mean to yourself consistently over time becomes toxic. 

Instead of your mean thoughts staying in your head, they become what filters out of your mouth. I didn’t want to be that person, so I started learning the ways of being self-compassionate. 

Before you practice self-compassion, you need to be aware of when you’re being less than nice to yourself. When are you most likely to be at your meanest? Is it when you’re hungry? Tired? On your period? These are good things to know so that you can catch yourself before you get into a full blown rage!

Next, try to soften the voice that’s in your head. Take it to task like you would your three year old. Let it know that you don’t want to hear those kinds of words and that it needs to find a nicer way to express itself. 

Then try reframing your inner critic in a more positive way. Reframing is a great way to gain perspective in different situations as well. 

Listen in to hear all of my tips and advice. Don’t forget, if this is something you struggle with, consider getting your own copy of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself by Dr. Kristin Neff. She’s amazing!

“Changing how you talk to yourself will ultimately affect the long term way with how you interact with yourself.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[02:15] You don’t have to be mean to yourself to be successful.

[03:20] Sometimes the mean girl in my head comes out of my mouth and that’s not who I want to be in life.

[03:56] The first step when you are giving yourself compassion is awareness.

[07: 50] Step two is to make an active effort to soften the mean voice in your head.

[09:11] Three is reframing that inner critic in a more positive way.

[12:25] I share some ways to help elevate your mood

[13:26] Change the scenery, schedule it and delegate it.

[15:33] Thank you for listening.


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