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Oct 18, 2021

You’re having the trip of a lifetime, hiking in Australia, and loving every minute of it. Until all of a sudden, you fall down a waterfall. After sustaining a TBI and quickly realizing that something’s just not right, you embark on a quest that spans more than a decade to get your life back. 

This is what happened to Jill Griffin. After falling down a waterfall and sustaining a concussion, she could no longer live her life normally. She could hear her eyeballs move in her head. She could hear her hair moving. She couldn’t put on mascara without toppling over. 

Come to find out, she had every kind of vertigo. 

Rather than let herself fall down a rabbit hole of despair, she took the challenge and met it head on. She saw the possibility for what it was and sought to help others shift their outlook on life. 

Listen in as she shares her story and gives us a glimpse of what it means to live with a chronic condition that affects every aspect of her life. In spite of the challenges, she continues to wake up each day ready to make a difference in the lives of her clients and colleagues. 


“I can’t unbreak the fracture but I can now choose how I want to move forward with it.” Jill Griffin


In this episode:

[01:31] Welcome to the show, Jill!

[01:40] She shares her background and what she is putting into the world.

[04:33] Listen as Jill discusses suffering a traumatic brain injury and how it has affected her life.

[12:52] She talks about why she chose the word possibility.

[16:35] Our journey isn’t linear. It loops back on itself.

[17:52] Jill shares where you can find her.

[19:21] Thank you for being on the show!


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