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Aug 30, 2021

Nurses suffer from burnout too. I know that I speak mostly to doctor burnout but the field of healthcare as a whole drives burnout. Listen as I chat with Diana Page, an NP working in neuro, about her journey and what she’s doing to help nurses beat burnout. 


It took Diana years to realize she was burned out. She spent four years at a job, completely miserable, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Once the light bulb clicked on, she started making huge changes and hasn’t looked back. 


We both agree that it took significantly longer to realize that we were burned out because of the toxic mentality that permeates our clinics and hospitals. Everyone is pushing themselves to the brink so no one realizes just how deep in the hole they are. 


Diana is a bright light shining into the deep dark pit that is burnout. She has an amazing story and I’m so happy that she is sharing it. 


Do you agree with us that burnout is inherent in the culture and practice of medicine, no matter what part you play in the field? 


“If everyone around you is burned out and no one’s talking about it, then you’re like, I guess this is just what we do.” Diana Page


In this episode:

[02:33] Welcome to the show, Diana!

[03:04] She shares her background and how she’s helping nurses with burnout.

[04:38] Listen as she talks about when she realized she was burned out.

[07:26] Diana discusses lateral violence and unhealthy competition in toxic work environments.

[10:28] She shares some tips on ways to weed out the places with toxic work environments.

[12:53] I add a few things that I encourage people to look for.

[15:27] If they answer your questions honestly and take responsibility, it speaks a lot about the organization.

[17:42] Diana discusses how she helps her mentees when they feel like they are in over their heads and when it’s time to find a different job.

[20:16] I talk about the 4 C’s that I work with my clients.

[23:26] We can change healthcare if we all work together!

[26:04] Thank you for being on the show!


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