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Aug 23, 2021

Hi. I’m Errin Weisman. I’m a DO, a family medicine physician, podcaster, coach, wife, mom, and work is my drug.


Me being me, I had to go through and do some research regarding work addiction but it isn’t in the literature. Regardless, I noted the classic signs of addiction and decided to compare those to the way I view work. 


Please note, I’m not diagnosing you. These are my own personal experiences and thoughts on how work affects our brains and how we interact with the world. 


So anyhow, addiction is compulsive, often continued despite harmful consequences, and characterized by tolerance and withdrawal. I had to ask myself, does work really fall into this definition? 


In my opinion, absolutely yes. Listen in to hear my thoughts and ways you can determine if you are in fact a work addict. 

“I really do think that being addicted to your work impairs you socially, it definitely impairs you physically and psychologically.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:04] Thank you for joining me for part 1 of my work addiction series.

[03:04] Listen as I define what addiction is and how being a workaholic fits.

[06:25] I share how you can recognize if you are a workaholic.

[07:50] The first thing I want you to do is recognize that recognition is key.

[09:18] I believe it starts as a coping mechanism.

[10:09] Here are the takeaways that I want you to think about.

[10:11] Do you fit the classification as a workaholic?

[10:17] If it’s a yes, I want you to ask yourself these questions.

[10:22] #1 Were my parents or mentors workaholics?

[10:26] #2 Could I be modeling behaviors that were shown to me?

[10:33] #3 Do I have negative feelings associated with working less that might be rooted in my past?

[10:42] #4 What triggers me to feel the need to overwork?

[11:09] Thank you for listening!



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