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Aug 23, 2021

Sufficiency is knowing that wherever you are it’s okay. Brig Johnson chose this word because it is the word that follows her through life. Listen as she shares more about sufficiency and her journey and why she’s passionate about lifting up other women of color so they can shine. 


She has spent decades in medicine and dealing with the slime that walks the halls of our facilities. Not only as a woman but as a woman of color who has been given even less of a voice. For a time she pushed all that shit down, but no longer. 


As she began traversing the coaching space, she was constantly bombarded with images and stories of white women coaches and that altered her view of what was possible for her. She kept going but it was tough. 


With the evolution of conversation after the murder of George Floyd however, she started to see an uprising of women, just like her, sharing their gifts. The floor of conversation is now open and she can now see so much more possibility. 


We are chatting about all things medicine, coaching, and overcoming negative self-talk. Brig relates her journey into podcasting and how it too has helped her overcome some deep internal baggage. This was an amazing conversation that you won’t want to miss.


“We identify so much more with what we do as opposed to who we are. We are human doings as opposed to human beings.” Brig Johnson


In this episode:

[02:08] Welcome to the show, Brig!

[02:57] Listen as she shares why she picked the word sufficiency.

[05:50] She discusses her career journey.

[07:12] Coaching was always at the back of her mind and she knew it was something she was intrigued by.

[10:14] Brig talks about why she believes women of color coaches aren’t as successful as white women coaches are.

[13:49] She speaks about her podcast Breakthrough With Brig.

[18:00] I talk about my Slack group and why I had to apologize to them.

[19:44] Listen as Brig discusses walking away from the medical field.

[23:40] She shares why she believes people identify more with what they do instead of who they are.

[25:31] Brig discusses the new groups she has.

[27:36] Thank you for being on the show!


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