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Aug 16, 2021

Look. You can totally be addicted to work. Just like any other addiction, work addiction is super nuanced and rather than try to talk about all the different areas in one go, I’m turning this into a series!


That’s right. I’m doing a whole new series specific to being a workaholic and how you can recognize it and change it. 


First is recognizing that you are indeed a workaholic and what to do if you realize you are one. If you find yourself working until you are completely empty and dry… then you’re a workaholic. If you think about work 24/7 and can’t ever shut it off, then you’re a workaholic. 


Sound familiar? Then here are some quick tips to start separating yourself from work. 


First, practice self-compassion. We are all human and we’re all living our lives the best that we can. If you realize you’re living to work and are tired of it, then give yourself the grace to fail and keep going. 


Second, get support. Yes, allow yourself the grace to fail but get the support you need to fail less! Also make sure that your friends and family know that you’re a work addict. They can help you keep things in perspective when you start working too much again. 


It’s all about taking small steps. Listen in next week for additional information and more tools and coping mechanisms you can use to tackle your work addiction.

“You can’t expect yourself to show up daily, always being the best, instead you just have to show up your best at that moment.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[01:13] Thank you for joining me for my new series about work addictions.

[03:24] I am a workaholic.

[06:30] I want to give you some quick tips about what you can do if you realize you are a workaholic.

[06:53] #1 show yourself some self-compassion.

[07:42] #2 get support.

[08:30] #3 let your family and close friends know that work has become your drug.

[08:51] #4 take small steps from here and think about what the next best step is.

[10:15] Work addictions can potentially be harder than substance based addiction.

[12:11] You are not a unicorn!

[15:16] Look for more steps coming up next week in this new series.



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