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Jul 26, 2021

Are you ready for my Summer Solocast Series? I am doing some quick solocasts to get you juiced up, infused with encouragement and inspiration. I want you to go about your summer loving your life and making things better. 


It’s important that you acknowledge your burnout. Let’s get real. You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast if you didn’t know on some level that you were experiencing burnout. Plus once you’ve named it, you can address it. 


If you’re just not sure whether or not you are experiencing burnout, listen as I share the D’s, E’s, and F’s of burnout. If any of them hit home, then you’re likely burned out. 


But where do you go next? What do you do? 


First, ask yourself this question. Are your needs being met? If they aren’t then you need to address those before you go any further. Give yourself the time and space to actually dig in and do the work. 


You can do hard things. You are enough. Stop trying to be everything for everyone. You can’t.


“You are enough, you can not be everything to everybody.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:28] When it comes to burnout, you first have to acknowledge that you have it.

[03:05] Listen as I list the D, E’s and F’s and see if any of these hit home.

[04:07] I share where you can go from here.

[06:04] Look at what you need and see if they are being met.

[07:08] The most important thing is to make time and space for yourself.

[08:20] Everything that is different about you is your superpower.

[11:25] You are enough, you can not be everything to everyone.

[12:42] You can do hard things, just make sure the hard things are ones you want to do.

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