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Jul 26, 2021

Welcome to the Doctor Me First Summer Showcase where we are spotlighting the other amazing doctor podcasts that are out there. Over the next eight weeks you will get to listen to an episode from a different doctor podcast and then a solo podcast from me. This episode is from the RX For Success podcast with Dr. Randy Cook.


Niran S. Al-Agba, MD is a third-generation primary care physician practicing for 20 years in her hometown. She began working in her father’s medical office on Saturdays when she was 9 and has done every job in a medical office that there is including receptionist, medical assistant, janitor, and all the way to physician owner. After graduating from Michigan State University with a BS in Lyman Briggs Physiology and History of Health and Humanities, she attended University of Washington School of Medicine, graduating in 1999. She completed an internship and residency at Denver Children's Hospital/University of Colorado SOM and returned home to work in her father’s practice in 2001 for a few months and then permanently in 2002.


Dr. Al-Agba’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Be exactly who you are; don’t try to change for other people

Number 2: Learn to sift the personal from the professional feedback. It’s not about you as a human being, rather about something you did or can do better.

Number 3: Be brutally honest. Don’t sugarcoat the message, tell people, for good or bad, exactly what you’re thinking.

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Dr. Al-Agba also writes a regular column for the Kitsap Sun Newspaper:

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