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Mar 29, 2021

Now that things with the pandemic are starting to calm down and several of my doctor friends and I have been vaccinated, we decided it was time for a girl’s trip. I’ve done them before but this time around it really hit home that I needed a hike and I needed it with girlfriends.


There ended up being four of us on the trip and these are ladies that I’ve connected with virtually but haven’t met in person. We got together and spent time in nature connecting with each other and ourselves in a way we haven’t been able to do for over a year. 


So why do you need a hike? 


I have broken it down into ten seriously great reasons that going on a girls’ trip is good for the heart, mind, and soul! Listen in to hear them all (I’ve listed them below in the timestamps as well!)


“This trip reminded me that life really does happen outside my own reality.” Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[00:32] Welcome to this super sassy solocast!

[02:48] March 2021, we headed out on a girls hiking trip.

[03:51] It was amazing, we went to Southwest Utah.

[04:26] Everyone should consider taking a friend's trip for these reasons.

[04:30] #1 No kids.

[05:14] #2 The pressure to unplug.

[05:43] #3 Was just the conversation.

[06:12] #4 Life does happen outside my own reality.

[06:50] #5 Real friends don’t care.

[07:23] #6 New Nature is cleansing.

[08:16] #7 Traveling reminds me that life is about the journey, not just the destination.

[09:01] #8 Fancy does not equal value.

[09:58] #9 Coming home to family was sweet.

[10:17] #10 This trip reminded me you can take the girl out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the girl.

[11:30] The second weekend in May I am doing my Badass Women's Retreat, there are 10 spots open.

[11:53] Your kick of encouragement is to lean into the jealousy, don’t push it away and ask yourself what do you want from this solocast?

[14:21] Thank you for listening!


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