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Mar 22, 2021

It’s time! We’ve finally gotten to sit back down and have an Alpha Female discussion. Spring is in the air and with it will come extremely LONG days for Craig so we knew we had to get it in. Listen as he shares what’s going on down on the farm and we chat about our family updates. 


Corn is up in prices and we’ve been preparing the fields and the equipment to get the highest yield. Craig shares what that looks like as we try to record in a house full of needy kids!


He’s also taken up day trading and watching a ton of financial shows. His interest has been piqued and he’s been reading and learning and watching which is why he hasn’t actually done much investing yet. But it’s fun to hear him talk about it. 


The first thing Craig doesn’t know… I want to get rid of these kittens. There’s definitely more but after my Grandma passed away we split up her cats and the older cats are just so much more manageable. Also, I’m getting my ears pierced again!


Craig and I have so much fun doing these episodes and giving you a peek into our lives and our family. We hope you enjoy it today!


“When you are married to an alpha female, remember the mantra, it’s no big deal.” Errin and Craig Weisman


In this episode:

[04:19] Let's start by listening to what's happening down on the farm with Craig.

[07:00] Craig shares his interest in day trading.

[09:33] Let’s talk about things Craig doesn’t know.

[13:02] Craig’s thoughts on all the things he doesn’t know.

[14:33] Are you ready for our family update?

[18:41] His thoughts on the “married to an alpha female” segment.

[20:50] “It’s no big deal.”

[23:59] Thank you for listening!



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