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Mar 15, 2021

We all experience burnout differently, something you’ll learn as you listen to these episodes, so it’s important for me to share my experience with you! Listen in as I dig deep into what I was thinking, feeling, and doing when I was in the deep pit of burnout. 


I first experienced burnout within the first few weeks of my attending job. Here I was with the big beautiful new job, the husband and two babies at home and a mountain of student debt. I was supposed to be on the mountain high but I felt lower than I ever had in my life.


Exhaustion was the root of my life. There was no amount of sleep or rest that made me feel energetic and I just felt terrible. I was snapping at my husband. I was angry all the time and if I wasn’t angry, I was completely numb.


Externally my life looked amazing. I appeared to have it all. But the cost of having it all was really taking its toll.

Once I finally found myself in the basement of burnout I found my first coach and she helped me realize where the burnout truly stemmed from. I wanted to help people. I wanted to heal people. But there are so many different ways to do that. 


Now, six years later and I’m doing exactly what I love and am meant to do.

Keep listening in to hear the amazing stories of women just like you who have faced the pits of burnout and risen out of the ashes refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized! 


“I’m a woman who speaks openly about being burned out as a family medicine physician so that no other working professional woman feels alone in her workplace journey.” Dr. Errin Weisman

In this episode:

[02:12] Welcome to the first episode of Burned Out to Bad Ass!

[02:40] I experienced physician burnout within the first couple of weeks of my new attending job.

[04:16] Burnout to me felt like numbness, crushing, and being trapped.

[05:48] Externally my life looked awesome.

[07:43] I hit the valley of burnout and then found the basement.

[10:29] In the spring of 2015 I found a coach that understood and heard me.

[12:12] I was put on this earth to heal and help. Being a physician isn’t the only way to accomplish that.

[14:11] I started getting coaches training and started making changes.

[15:30] Six years later, I am doing what I am excited about.

[17:25] Know in your heart that you are not alone, you are not crazy and you are not wrong. Change is absolutely possible.

[18:05] I want you to take an internal evaluation of your life and say, is this enough? Am I satisfied with what I am doing?

[19:03] Thank you for listening!


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