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Feb 22, 2021

It’s amazing how vulnerable being clear with others can make you feel. Think about it. How often do you tell people how you truly feel? How often do you speak out with clarity and confidence about what you need? Kelli Thompson is a leadership coach who is passionate about helping women find their clarity and confidence. 


After spending years in corporate America she realized that her passion lay in helping women make it into the rooms where decisions are made. Not as the “token” HR representative but as an impactful member of the conversation. 


She’s joining me to chat about why clarity is so important to her and why she has made it her mission to help other women find theirs. Because when women advance, they’re much more likely to reach back and help others as well.

Listen as she shares more about her background and experience and what she’s doing to help more women reach new heights in business and leadership. Stop climbing the wrong career ladders using outdated information! Take a page out of Kelli’s book and change your mindset. 


Because our need to rise to the top and be more productive and ear more recognition is one of the main causes of burnout. But there IS a better way! 


“The more clear I got, the more successful I was, the more clear I got, the happier I was, and the more clear I got, the more money I made.” Kelli Thompson

In this episode:

[02:16] Welcome to the show, Kelli!

[02:29] Kelli shares a little about herself and what she is doing now.

[04:37] Women believe that if they want to be successful, they need to act like their male counterparts.

[07:15] What causes burnout is the pressure to conform.

[10:04] Only 23% of women are senior executives; something has to give.

[13:25] Listen as Kelli shares why she picked the word Clarity.

[17:13] Why she focuses so much on women.

[20:23] It’s not enough to fill a chair in the room where decisions are made.

[23:15] “At the end of the day, someone is counting on your unique calling.”

[26:01] Kelli discusses her new group program that starts March 23rd called The Clarity & Confidence Leadership Masterclass.

[27:09] Thank you for being on the show!

[28:34] My final thoughts.


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