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Jan 18, 2021

Our youth are our future, so why don’t we do more to help them along in a productive way? When Dr. Elisabeth Fontain asked herself that question, she decided to do something about it. Along with her medical practice she is a coach to up and coming students, early careerists, and physicians and she’s sharing why she’s so passionate about her work.


Dr. Fontaine is dedicated to creating a norm of healthy living within her community, but also throughout the world. Part of healthy living is taking care of your mental health and understanding your place and purpose in the world. So she has taken what tends to be a health initiative and begun to coach millennials on how to live a more fulfilled life.


Rather than allowing our youth to flounder and “figure it out” like we had to, she’s become an advocate for them to help them find their place. She and her business partner work with individuals, parents, and organizations to help them accelerate their transitions in life and their careers. 


Listen as she shares more about her background and why she is dedicated to helping millennials to find success. So many of us put millennials down but they’ve had an unnecessary amount of pressure placed on them while also traversing some of the worst economic times. 


Perhaps Dr. Fontaine is on to something with making sure that millennials don’t become the “lost” generation?


“We want to help the parents have an organization to recognize the importance of this generation.” Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine

In this episode:

[02:13] Welcome to the show, Dr. Fontaine!

[02:23] Dr. Fontaine shares her background and the work she does.

[04:34] Listen as Dr. Fontaine discusses her words and why they are important to her.

[06:55] Why millennials are her people.

[09:02] Transitioning is so different now than it was in the 90s. Learn more!

[12:44] Dr. Fontaine chats about helping parents recognize the importance of the millennial generation.

[16:07] Millennials more than any generation are searching for their purpose.

[19:12] How coaching is a different world from medicine.

[22:18] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[24:37] Your kick of encouragement.


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