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Dec 28, 2020

It’s the last episode of 2020 and Craig and I wanted to do it together. There has been a lot going on this year in general so it felt right to end it all with just us, talking about the family, and things we’ve learned along the way. Listen in to hear the last Married to an Alpha Female episode of 2020.


First up, Craig and I dig into what’s happening down on the farm. Honestly, it’s pretty darn interesting. The harvest is officially over and now it’s time to do an evaluation of the land. Which plots yielded more, which less, and why. Plus Craig is prepping for the rainy season and making sure that the ground is equipped to slough off excess.


This land has been in Craig’s family for generations and it’s crazy how we put our marks on it in such a permanent way that years later we know what happened back then. This is a deep dive into farming and it’s super neat. 


Then we move into Things Craig Doesn’t Know. There really isn’t a ton but some of it is important...and fun! Things like what the kids are getting for Christmas. Nope...Craig doesn’t know. And what’s coming up next in my business and practice. Some of that he was aware of. 


We make it a point not to have to share every detail of our lives because we trust each other. We’re in this as a partnership for life, not for business or money. 


Honestly, this was one of our most fun Married to an Alpha Female episodes and my tips are truly perfect for the partners of those alphas. Craig and I use these in our everyday lives and it helps us respect and acknowledge each other as humans and partners. 


Listen in to learn more and see you in 2021!


“We chose each other as life partners, not as business partners.” Errin and Craig Weisman


In this episode:

[02:05] Let's start by listening to what's happening down on the farm with Craig.

[04:14] Craig explains what tiling is and why you put a pipe in a field.

[10:16] Quick mental picture of what these pipes look like.

[13:04] They talk about what pattern tiling is a relatively new procedure and what the old procedure was like.

[17:55] It's not necessary to know everything that's going on in each other's lives, and that's how you build trust.

[22:07] It's time for the Things That Craig Doesn't Know segment.

[22:07] Craig doesn't know everything the kids are getting.

[25:16] Craig doesn't know the name of the new podcast Errin is launching.

[27:09] Craig has no idea about the new cheetah picture on the wall.

[30:38] Craig doesn't know that Errin got published in Indigo Blue as an entrepreneurial expert talking about toxic work environments.

[31:30] January is going to be big.

[33:02] Your tip for being married to an alpha female.

[40:18] Thank you for listening!


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