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Dec 21, 2020

As a woman and a physician, do you ever feel like your identity is not your own? That you’ve been working so long and hard toward becoming a doctor that it’s completely taken over your identity as a whole. Dr. Tracy Asamoah is a coach and mentor who helps women understand their purpose both as physicians and as women. 


Once she’d completed her schooling and finished her residency she realized that becoming a doctor wasn’t the only thing she was meant for. After doing some deep soul searching and implementing coaching of her own, she finally understood that her purpose was to help women understand what they’re meant for in life. 


It’s so easy to lose your identity as various roles are associated with your person but your identity is yours. No matter what you do, how many children you have, or the world’s perception of you, your identity is yours and yours alone. 


Listen as Dr. Tracy shares more about her background and why she’s so passionate about helping women find their identity in a world full of noise and expectation. She’s also sharing why understanding your core values is imperative in finding the heart of your identity. 


We’re chatting about ways you can start the process of sorting through all of your own stuff. 


“I’ve come to realize that what I have been called to do is to help women understand what their purpose is.”  Dr. Tracy Asamoah


In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show, Dr. Tracy Asamoah!

[02:00] Dr. Asamoah shares her background and all the things she is doing.

[04:40] How she started into coaching.

[06:32] Why she chose the word identity.

[09:57] Dr. Asamoah shares what she is studying now and how that applies.

[13:27] Getting down to your core values is one way she helps people identify who they are amongst all the noise.

[15:16] Dr. Asamoah chats about how she helps people sort through all their stuff.

[22:15] Doing the actual steps is the hardest part; doing the practical parts is where the courage comes in.

[26:36] Dr. Asamoah loves the term surface the invisible and believes that a coach helps bring stuff to the surface.

[30:54] Thank you for being on the show!

[31:03] Your kick of encouragement.


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