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Dec 14, 2020

True or False: You are a worthy individual regardless of what you do? You simply need to exist? According to Dr. Kara Pepper, the answer to that question is a huge True. You are worthy, you simply need to give yourself permission to believe it. 


Dr. Pepper followed her childhood dream and became a physician, had the husband, and had the two kids. The problem came when she realized that her life was hard...every single day. Surely this wasn’t what she’d worked for all those years.


It took coaching and learning how to manage her mind and her expectations for herself to bust out of some epic burnout. Now she’s helping others to do the same. She’s supporting physicians to manage their burdens and their mindset so that they can find fulfillment in their life’s purpose. 


First step? Give yourself permission to take care of yourself.


Listen as Dr. Kara shares more about her background and what drove her to become a physician coach. She’s digging deep into why we as physicians especially find it hard to give ourselves permission to be anything other than perfect. If you’ve been feeling the nagging ropes of burnout, then this is the episode for you.


“You inherently have permission and no one has to give it to you.” Dr. Kara Pepper


In this episode:

[01:53] Welcome to the show, Dr. Kara Pepper!

[02:10] Dr. Kara shares her background and what she is doing now.

[02:53] Listen as Dr. Kara chats about why she chose the word permission.

[04:42] Dr. Kara speaks about why it’s so hard for us to give ourselves permission.

[07:16] Dr. Kara likes to swim in the waters of what’s next.

[10:24] You should give yourself permission to indulge.

[15:17] Why it’s time to stop playing and grow up.

[17:51] Dr. Kara tells us how to get our permission granted prescription she made on her website.

[19:10] If you want to hear more, head over to the Patreon group where they are continuing the conversation.

[20:54] Your kick of encouragement.



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