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Nov 16, 2020

It’s been a while friends. Things have been crazy down on the farm, but Craig and I finally had a moment to sit down and record another Alpha Female episode! Get ready to hear all the updates for the Weisman family!


First up, Craig is talking about the harvest. As usual we have too much grain for the size of our operation so things are quite hectic. It doesn’t help that he got into an accident as well. Listen in to hear all about it. I’m definitely looking forward to the harvest being over so I can have my husband back!


We’re continuing on with “Things Craig Doesn’t Know!” But first, did you know that we recently got some kittens? We were supposed to only have 2 but we ended up with 4 and they’re all healthy and sweet. But what I didn’t expect and what Craig doesn’t know is that I think I’m an ambi-pet lover. 


That’s right. I’m no longer JUST a dog lover. Keep listening to hear all the other things Craig doesn’t know this week. 


Did you know that no matter how “together” your Alpha Female’s life seems to be, that she’s still scared of rejection? It’s true! In many ways we are all scared of rejection, but for the Alpha Female in your life, that means that she is less likely to reach out when she needs help. So take time to reach out to her!


“Even though your alpha female kicks ass and takes names we are still all fearful of rejection.”  Dr. Errin Weisman


In this episode:

[01:48] Craig starts out with his down on the farm segment discussing harvest.

[04:27] He speaks about the farm accident he had that Camden can’t quit talking about.

[05:25] Things that Craig doesn’t know.

[07:09] The next group for the Burned Out to Badass course starts on November 22.

[08:56] Doctor Me First podcast just hit a record of over 6,000 downloads!

[09:32] Alpha females and rejection.

[12:48] My advice is to sit with your fears. If you harness your fear, it can be one of the greatest teachers in your life.

[16:36] Thank you for listening!


Find Craig:

Craig on Twitter: @highbanksfarmer



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